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Experience in Defending Internet and Computer Crimes – Child Pornography Defense by a Top Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer – One of Maryland’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys with 45 years of trial experience and over 300 jury trials in federal and state courts.

Top 10 (#3) Criminal Lawyer (“Super Lawyers”)-“Best Lawyers in America”-Washingtonian Mag. Top Lawyer-45 yrs Trial Exp.-300+Jury Trials-fomer federal and state prosecutor (1974-90); Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers; Md State Bar Assoc. Heeney Award for Lifetime Excellence in Criminal Law – defense for internet and computer crimes – child pornography defense

As federal and state prosecutors increase their emphasis and focus on internet and computer crimes, including child pornography, identity theft, various internet or computer-related fraud and financial offenses, it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in both federal and state criminal matters and who can follow your case into whatever courtroom it may be prosecuted. According to Washingtonian magazine, when it honored him as one of the region’s top criminal lawyers, “[t]here are few lawyers in Maryland [who] know the ins and outs of the court system better … ” than attorney Robert C. Bonsib Esq.

With mandatory sentencing statutes and increasingly harsh federal sentencing guidelines affecting most internet sex crime prosecutions, it is increasingly important to have representation by a criminal attorney who is experienced in both federal and state courts in the handling of such matters. Robert C. Bonsib Esq. has defended many individuals in both state and federal courts charged with internet and computer crimes, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Sex crimes involving minors
  • Financial and white collar offenses where the offense was allegedly committed through the use of a computer or the internet

Identity Theft Charges

With the recent increase in federal prosecutors charged individuals under the federal aggravated identity theft laws, the stakes for those charged with computer and identity theft-related offenses have increased dramatically. If convicted of aggravated identity, the court is required to sentence the convicted individual to a minimum of two years of federal imprisonment, consecutive to the sentence or sentences that may be imposed for any other related offenses.

Familiarity not only with federal and state laws punishing internet and computer crimes is important, but equally important is understanding computers and the internet and how each operates and may be used by investigators and prosecutors as they seek to investigate and prosecute these offenses.

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Over 45 years of trial experience as a federal and state prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney