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A Top Maryland Criminal Lawyer – One of Maryland’s Best Criminal Attorneys experienced in the Defense of Child Pornography and Child Abuse Cases with over 45 years of trial experience and 300 jury trials in federal and state courts

Top 10 (#3) Criminal Lawyer (“Super Lawyers”)-“Best Lawyers in America”-Washingtonian Mag. Top Lawyer-45 yrs Trial Exp.-300+Jury Trials-fomer federal and state prosecutor (1974-90); Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers; Md State Bar Assoc. Heeney Award for Lifetime Excellence in Criminal Law -Rape – Sexual Offenses – Child Abuse – Child Pornography

Maryland criminal defense attorney Robert C. Bonsib is experienced in representing individuals under state and federal investigation for, or those being prosecuted, based upon allegations of committing sex crimes, including sexual child abuse, possession, receipt and distribution of child pornography and related matters.

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Throughout this region, federal and state authorities have joined to create a number of regional task forces responsible for patrolling the internet seeking out individuals who are receiving, exchanging, distributing or producing child pornography. Additionally, similar task forces have been established to identify persons the government contends are attempting to engage underage individuals in sexual conduct and other sex crimes. Familiarity with the investigative techniques employed by such investigators and knowledge regarding computer forensics is critical to effectively representing individuals under investigation for or being prosecuted for such offenses. Robert C. Bonsib has acquired such experience through handling dozens of such cases.

When The Stakes Are High, Obtain Experienced Legal Help

The criminal penalties and other consequences associated with child pornography and sexual assault have become increasingly severe. Individuals convicted of sex crimes are required to be listed on the sexual offender registry. This makes it even more important for individuals under investigation or being prosecuted for child pornography and other sex crimes to secure competent and experienced criminal defense counsel.

For more than 45 years, attorney Robert C. Bonsib Esq. has practiced in the criminal justice system. He has experience working as a state and federal prosecutor as well as a Maryland criminal defense lawyer. Robert C. Bonsib Esq. can use his prosecution and defense background to protect his clients’ constitutional rights. For experienced advocacy and legal counsel, contact his Maryland law office today for a consultation: 301-509-5100.

Potential Penalties For Possessing And Distributing Child Pornography

The criminal penalties and other consequences associated with these offenses have become increasingly severe. The requirement for registration on the sexual offender registry that is associated with conviction of such offenses makes it even more important that individuals under investigation or being prosecuted for these offenses secure competent and experienced criminal defense counsel.

The application of federal sentencing guidelines to child pornography offenses can often result in an individual facing a federal sentencing guideline range in excess of 10 years. These child pornography-related offenses are serious. Individuals under investigation for possessing child pornography and other related crimes need an attorney experienced in federal court who also understands how filing sharing occurs, internet technology and the manner in which computers store and process downloaded images and video files.

Protect Your Legal Rights With An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

In child abuse cases, not only is the investigation of the allegations and the background of the complainant important, but equally important is the need to have an experienced and well-respected criminal lawyer who can prepare and present an effective defense. The defense of child abuse allegations requires a careful examination of the reliability of the complainant’s information as well as the motive and outside influences that might affect the reliability and the credibility of the complainant’s allegations.

The representation of individuals accused of child abuse requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Robert C. Bonsib has received numerous accolades and recognition for his experience and competence as a criminal defense lawyer and courtroom trial lawyer.

Robert C. Bonsib has also handled many trials involving allegations of child abuse made against family members, school teachers and family friends as well as other entities accused of engaging in unlawful sexual contact with minors.

Contact Maryland Child Abuse Defense Attorney Robert C. Bonsib

If you are under investigation or were charged with child abuse, possession of child pornography, distribution, receipt of child pornography or related offenses, Robert C. Bonsib has the experience in such matters to provide you effective legal representation. Contact his Maryland law office today at 301-509-5100 or by email to schedule a consultation.

Over 45 years of trial experience as a federal and state prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney