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MarcusBonsib, LLC, Firm Overview


A Washingtonian Magazine “Top Criminal Lawyer”, Best Criminal Lawyer in 2014 from “Best Lawyers in American,” recognized in Superlawyers in Maryland and the District of Columbia as a top criminal attorney and one of the best attorneys in the region

MarcusBonsib, LLC, was founded in 1990 by Bruce L. Marcus Esq., and Robert C. Bonsib Esq. Since its formation, MarcusBonsib has been able to maintain the quality of the attorneys and the quality of the legal services at MarcusBonsib by not increasing its size beyond five or six attorneys. If you come to MarcusBonsib, LLC, to retain a particular attorney to assist you in your legal matter, that attorney will be present whenever any significant events occur in your case.

Together, Mr. Marcus, Mr. Bonsib and the MarcusBonsib, LLC attorneys have more than 100 years of trial experience. MarcusBonsib, LLC attorneys have served as prosecutors, public defenders, counsel to local government agencies, legal counsel for medical, legal and law enforcement professionals, and attorneys for individuals from all walks of life and who have confronted most types of legal problems.

Highly Experienced In Criminal And Civil Litigation

If you’ve been accused or are under investigation for any federal or state criminal offense, Robert C. Bonsib Esq. can offer you experienced and professional criminal defense from an attorney who has been battle-tested in the area’s federal and state criminal courts. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the criminal law, from DUI and domestic assault cases to the most complex of federal fraud and conspiracy matters.

To discuss your case, call 301-509-5100 or send us an email. .

If your legal needs are in areas other than criminal defense, there are other attorneys at MarcusBonsib, LLC, who can provide assistance in business and commercial litigation matters, personal injury cases, family law matters as well as a variety of other litigation-based legal matters. With the exception of bankruptcy and workman’s compensation matters, the attorneys at MarcusBonsib, LLC, have handled and have provided legal representation to those persons involved in most types of civil and criminal litigation.

Serving Clients In D.C. And Maryland

Centrally located in Greenbelt, Maryland, MarcusBonsib, LLC, is able to provide legal representation to its clients in all the federal and local courts in the District of Columbia and in Maryland counties from Baltimore and Baltimore County to Southern Maryland and the Maryland suburban counties. In the appropriate case, MarcusBonsib, LLC, will also travel to any county or city in Maryland.

Competitive Fees For The Highest Quality Of Representation

MarcusBonsib, LLC, fees are competitive with fees charged by other high-quality litigation firms offering similar services. MarcusBonsib, LLC, establishes its fees using the philosophy that a fee must be reasonable, but also must contemplate dedicating the time and effort necessary to ensure that it is providing the quality of legal services that will fully serve the needs of each MarcusBonsib client. In addition, the reputation of MarusBonsib, LLC, for providing legal services at the highest quality level can only be maintained if it consistently provides quality representation. Its fees recognize that providing quality services requires committing the time necessary to be completely informed regarding the nature of its clients’ legal problems and be fully prepared to aggressively present its clients’ positions in court.

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Over 45 years of trial experience as a federal and state prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney