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Significant Trials and Case Results – Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. – One of Maryland’s Best Criminal Attorneys

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This page includes some notable results in cases Robert C. Bonsib has worked on. In some these cases, Mr. Bonsib was successful in winning acquittals or the dismissal of charges for his clients. While an outright acquittal or dismissal is the best of all possible results, in some cases the evidence may be such that the likelihood of success at trial is minimal and that it is in the best interest of a client to seek the most favorable sentence. In many cases, success is measured by the degree to which a favorable disposition can be negotiated or by the extent to which a client’s sentence was able to be minimized or modified.

Mr. Bonsib regularly is in trial defending clients in cases in the federal and Maryland trial and appellate courts. The cases reviewed are representative of the experience Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has in representing clients in a wide variety of cases . Mr. Bonsib takes pride in the fact that he is sought out to assist those who expect and demand a trial even in those instances where there is a recognition that the trial will be an uphill battle and the chances of success slim.

In some instances, where the prosecution does not make an offer that provides a client a chance at a significantly better result that which might happen after an unsuccessful trial, Mr. Bonsib has demonstrated that he will fight those tough fights and not “roll over” simply to avoid a trial and he will fight for his client under the most challenging of factual circumstances. Mr. Bonsib has tried numerous federal criminal jury trials and state jury trials throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, in addition to handling numerous non-jury matters and appeals before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

To discuss representation, please call Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. at 301-509-5100 or by email.

Mid-trial Dismissal of Child Abuse Jury Trial in Montgomery County, Maryland

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. was retained by a physician who had been accused of child abuse.  Mr. Bonsib was retained after a prior trial had resulted in a mistrial.   In the retrial – after Mr. Bonsib had completed a half day cross-examination of the complainant who was now 30 years old (the complainant had alleged that the abuse occurred when she was in her teenage years) – and was half way through his cross-examination – the court recessed for lunch.  When the prosecutors returned to the courtroom – they announced that the prosecution was dismissing the case with result that Mr. Bonsib’s client was found not guilty of all counts.   In discussions with some of the jurors after the case was dismissed, jurors advised that after Mr. Bonsib’s extensive opening statement they were convinced that despite the nature of the charge – that there could be two-sides to the case and they withheld judgment.  After Mr. Bonsib’s cross-examination, these juror made clear that they did not believe the allegations of the complainant .  Mr. Bonsib’s team (Senior Associate Megan E. Coleman and paralegal Amy Bonsib) had spent extensive time in pre-trial preparation for the case which was critical is obtaining a successful result for his client.  It is extraordinary for a prosecutor, particularly in a child abuse case, to dismiss a case mid-trial.

Not Guilty Verdicts in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County Murder Prosecutions

Prince George’s County

In May, 2018 Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.’s client was found not guilty of murder charges in a jury trial in Prince George’s County in a case where a number of individuals were involved in a street shooting where over 40 shots were fired.  Although Mr. Bonsib’s client was present in the area of, and at the time of the shooting, he contended was not involved in the shootings.

Baltimore City

In July, 2018, after a four-day jury trial, in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, a jury found Mr. Bonsib’s client not guilty of 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, manslaughter and use of a firearm.  In this trial, the prosecution presented a street surveillance video which recorded Mr. Bonsib’s client shooting another individual as that individual approached Mr. Bonsib’s client who was seated in the passenger seat of a parked vehicle  Mr. Bonsib’s client testified that he feared being shot by the individual approaching his vehicle and shot in self-defense.


Lesser Sentences in Two Federal Fraud Cases

In some cases, a successful outcome means ensuring a fair to lenient sentence for a client.  Often a client acknowledges making a poor judgement that results in the client being charged with a crime.  A “bad judgement” does not mean that the client is a “bad person.”  Good people sometimes make bad judgements and, in such instances, Mr. Bonsib’s responsibility to present to the court the “good” in his client and argue for a proper sentence.

In two federal fraud cases Mr. Bonsib was successful in presenting his clients as “human beings.”   Preparing for the sentencing hearings and during the sentencing hearings, Mr. Bonsib presented videos of his clients – including video and written statements by the clients’ family and friends, submitted personal evaluations and extensive information to provide to the court a complete and sympathetic profile of his clients.

In one instance, the federal prosecutor asked for 30 months and the client received a four month sentence.  In another instance, the federal prosecutor sought a sentence of 15 months and the client received a sentence of six months.  Both clients were permitted to voluntarily surrender at a low security federal institution.

Lesser Sentence In Double Fatal Vehicular Manslaughter Prosecution

Mr. Bonsib’s client was indicted for two counts of automobile manslaughter after two of his best friends were killed in an automobile accident.  Mr. Bonsib’s client lost control of his vehicle which was traveling at a speed of over 100 mph and lost control of his vehicle and struck another vehicle.  Two of Mr. Bonsib’s client’s lifelong best friends were killed and occupants of another vehicle were seriously injured.

The evidence in the case was clear-cut.  The issue was what was the appropriate sentence in this case.   Mr. Bonsib and is team prepared a 30 minute sentencing video that included interviews with his client, his client’s parents and a therapist.   At the in-court hearing that took a half a day, which occurred in a courtroom packed with the family and friends of Mr. Bonsib’s client as well as family and friends of those injuried and killed in the accident, the prosecution asked for an eight-year sentence.

After hearing in-court from numerous family and friends of Mr. Bonsib’s client and from Mr. Bonsib’s client, Mr. Bonsib’s client was sentenced to a three-year sentence in the Montgomery County Detention Center.   He was released to a pre-release (halfway house) facility after serving approximately six months of his sentence and was paroled after approximately one year from the date of his sentencing.

His family appreciation for the work of Mr. Bonsib and his team is reflected in their review of Mr. Bonsib and his team.   (see client reviews).

Prince George’s County Police Officer Acquitted Of 11 Count Indictment

After a jury trial in which his client, a Prince George’s County police officer was acquitted of 10 counts of an 11-count indictment, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. successfully convinced the trial court to grant a new trial on the 11th count after which the prosecution dismissed the final count. (March 2018)

Court of Special Appeals Reverses Drug Conviction  – Orders New Trial

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. successfully argued before the Court of Special Appeals that a prosecutor impermissibly cross-examined the defendant with respect to his right to remain silent and that such questioning deprived the defendant of his right to remain silent and that such questioning deprived the defendant of a fair trial.  A retrial is pending in the Circuit Court for Calvert County.

Home Detention In Child Pornography Cases

Child pornography prosecutions are increasing as law enforcement officers patrol the internet and engage in sophisticated investigative techniques to identify individuals downloading child pornography. In two recent cases in different Maryland counties, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. successfully convinced judges to impose sentences of home detention for his clients and reject the requests of prosecutors to impose an 18 month term of incarceration in one case and a term of 6 months incarceration in the other.

Probation For Judge In Federal Criminal Civil Rights Case

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. secured a probationary sentence for Maryland Circuit Court judge who had pled guilty to a federal criminal civil rights charge in the United States District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Involuntary Manslaughter And Leaving A Child Unattended Charges Dismissed

After initially being charged with involuntary manslaughter in federal court, that charge was dismissed. Following that dismissal, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.’s client was then charged in federal court with leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle. After submitting extensive legal pleadings, the federal court agreed with defense position that this charge was not a strict liability charge. Faced with the judge’s opinion the government then dismissed the final charge against Mr. Bonsib’s client.

Reduced Verdict In Federal Murder Prosecution

Robert C. Bonsib,Esq.’s client was indicted for second degree murder, a charge that carried a sentence of 20 years to life, in a case where a fatal accident resulted from a 100 mph+ speed contest between Mr.Bonsib’s client and another young driver. The two vehicles collided and the other driver was killed when his car left the roadway, hit a tree and burst into flames. Mr.Bonsib’s client had acknowledged during the trial that he engaged in the fatal speed contest, essentially admitting to conduct that supported an involuntary manslaughter conviction – an offense with a maximum punishment of 8 years. After a week-long trial in federal court, the federal jury rejected the government’s position, agreed with the facts admitted to by Mr. Bonsib’s client, acquitted him of second degree murder and convicted him of involuntary manslaughter. The trial involved expert testimony from accident reconstructionists and a toxicologist. Sentencing is pending.

Not Guilty Verdict In Armed Robbery Prosecution (March 2016)

In a prosecution of his client in the Prince George’s County Circuit Court, sitting as a juvenile court, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. was successful in having his 17 year old client (whose case had earlier been successfully transferred from adult court to juvenile court) acquitted of armed robbery, use of a handgun and related charges. His client is now on his way to college.

Probation in 1000 pound marihuana prosecution in federal court Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.’s client was originally indicted in federal court in Baltimore and charged with conspiring to distribute over 1000 kilograms of marihuana, a charge that carried a 10 year mandatory sentence. After many months of pretrial discussions, the government dropped the mandatory 10 year charge, accepted a plea to a mandatory 5 year count. The client was “saftey valve” eligible and, therefore, the court was not required to impose the 5 year mandatory sentence. The client had served two months in pre-trial detention before he was released pending the resolution of his case. At sentencing, Mr. Bonsib successfully convinced the court to sentence his client to two months, time served, and probation.

Reduced Verdict And Time Served In 1st Degree Assault On Police Officer Prosecution

After a 4 day jury trial in the Montgomery County Circuit Court, a jury acquitted Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.’s client of first degree assault. His client was accused of pointing a handgun at a police officer, resulting in the officer firing 4 rounds from his weapon. Fortunately, no one injured. A jury found Mr. Bonsib’s client not guilty of first degree assault and guilty of a misdemeanor assault charge. At sentencing, the client was sentenced to time served for the time he had served pretrial before being released on bond.

Reduced Verdict In Home Invasion Prosecution

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.’s client was charged with home invasion/1st degree burglary, first degree assault and related charges on allegations that he forced his way in the home of the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend and attacked the ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat. If convicted of the original charges, Mr.Bonsib’s client would have faced sentencing guidelines of 5-8 years. After a multi-day jury trial, a Montgomery County jury acquitted his client of all charges except for third degree burglary and misdemeanor assault. His client received a 60 days sentence in the local detention center.

Complete Acquittal In 3 1/2 Week Federal Conspiracy Prosecution – United States District Court – Greenbelt, Maryland

After a three and half trial in the United States District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland and after only five hours of deliberation on a single day a federal jury acquitted Mr. Bonsib’s client of each count of a ten-count federal indictment. The client had been charged in a conspiracy indictment with conspiring with a doctor to have pain medication unlawfully prescribed so that the client could then distribute and sell the pain medication. The client was also charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud and aggravated identity theft. The client had consistently denied all allegations. The jury quickly rejected the testimony of the government’s cooperating witnesses, tape recorded evidence and documentary evidence that the government contended supported its theory of the case. The defense produced a number of witnesses and documentary evidence to refute the government’s allegation.

Post-Conviction Relief And Time Served Sentence Imposed In 10 Year Old Rape Case

After trial and after being sentenced to 30 years in prison in a ten-year old, DNA “cold hit” rape prosecution, Mr. Bonsib’s client hired Mr. Bonsib seeking post-conviction relief and a new trial. After carefully reviewing the trial proceedings, Mr. Bonsib file a petition for post-conviction relief and was able to convince the prosecutor to not only grant his client a new sentencing hearing, but also to agree to a time served sentence. Mr. Bonsib’s client was released after having served approximately 5 years on what had been a 30 year sentence.

Successful Reduced Pleas In A Series Of Sexual Child Abuse Prosecutions

With the draconian sentences now being sought in cases where there are allegations of sexual misconduct, particularly in those cases involving minors, securing a resolution in such cases that not only avoids incarceration but also seeks to avoid sexual offender registration. In a series of cases Mr. Bonsib was able to secure non-sexual assault dispositions in Prince George’s County, Talbot County and Calvert County that not only avoided jail time for his clients but also avoid the requirement of sexual offender registration.

Dismissal Of Theft And Conspiracy Charges Against Law Enforcement Officer

Mr. Bonsib is often sought out by attorneys, law enforcement officials and other professionals when they face criminal law problems. Mr. Bonsib won a dismissal of theft and conspiracy charges against his client, a lieutenant in a local law enforcement agency, accused of misappropriating union funds.

Probation Before Judgment In Multi-Pound Marihuana Prosecution

Mr. Bonsib’s client was charged for receiving two pounds of marihuana through a postal delivery service. The evidence against Mr. Bonsib’s client was substantial and, therefore, the challenge in this case was to secure a disposition that would not only avoid jail time for Mr. Bonsib’s client, but also seek to avoid a conviction and afford his client the future opportunity to have his record expunged. By securing a probation before judgment sentence in this, Mr. Bonsib secured the opportunity for his client to seek an expungement of his record if he successfully completes his probation and has no further legal difficulties for a period of three years.

Hung Jury In Prosecution Of 30 Year Old Child Abuse/Rape Prosecution

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. successfully thwarted the prosecution of his client, a 65 year old man, who was accused of raping and abusing an 8 year old child 30 years ago. After three days of pre-trial hearings and a week-long trial before a Montgomery County jury, prosecutors were unable to convince the jury to convict Mr. Bonsib’s client. The pre-trial hearings focused on defense efforts to secure records and testimony regarding the complainant’s extensive mental health history.

Not Guilty Verdict In Rape Re-Trial Of D.C. Fire Captain – Calvert County Circuit Court

Robert C. Bonsib was retained by a captain in the D.C. Fire Department after he had been convicted by a Calvert County jury of second degree rape. After successfully arguing for and winning his client a new trial, Mr. Bonsib represented the captain at his re-trial. After a week-long trial before a Calvert County, Maryland jury, Mr. Bonsib won not guilty verdicts on all counts for his client.

Not Guilty Verdict In First Degree Assault Jury Trial – Prince George’s County Circuit Court

After a three-day jury trial in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland, Robert C. Bonsib successfully persuaded the jury that his client, a University of Maryland senior, acted in self-defense when he stabbed another young man who was in a group of four men who challenged, threatened and then attacked him a young woman who was with him. The prosecution unsuccessfully sought to convince the jury that the significant injuries sustained by the attacker established that unnecessary force was used in the act of self-defense.

Probationary Sentence In Homicide While Under The Influence Prosecution – Montgomery County Circuit Court

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. secured a probationary sentence for his client, a young man who had been driving a vehicle in which a passenger was killed when the vehicle drove off the road and struck a utility pole. Mr. Bonsib’s client’s blood alcohol limit was well above the legal limit at the time of the accident.

Successful Appeal Before The Maryland Court Of Special Appeals In Attempted Second Degree Murder Case

After a trial in which his client was convicted of attempted second degree murder based upon allegations that he sliced his wife’s throat with a knife, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. won a new trial from the Court of Special Appeals. Mr. Bonsib based his appeal on the trial court’s refusal to permit the introduction of witness testimony that would have contradicted the statements of one of the State’s crucial witnesses as to the manner in which the injuries occurred. A re-trial is pending.

Probationary Sentence In Federal Firearms Prosecution – United States District Court For The District Of Maryland

In a matter where the Grand Jury for the District of Maryland had indicted his client for possession and sale of a part used to convert a firearm into a machine gun, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. obtained a probationary sentence for his client. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of two years, however, the federal judge agreed to impose a sentence well below the Guideline range and placed Mr. Bonsib’s client on probation.

Dismissal In Prince George’s County Rape Prosecution

After a series of pre-trial hearings, the Prince George’s County prosecutor dismissed allegations of gang rape against Mr. Bonsib’s client. At the initial hearing, questions were raised about the manner in which a pre-trial identification procedure was conducted. Mr. Bonsib challenged the representation made by the detective who obtained an arrest warrant for Mr. Bonsib’s client – an arrest warrant that lead to a statement being made by Mr. Bonsib’s client. That statement was then challenged as improperly obtained as a result of allegedly false or recklessly inaccurate representations made by the investigating detective to support the issuance of an arrest warrant for Mr. Bonsib’s client. Prior to the third pre-trial hearing, the prosecution dismissed the case against Mr. Bonsib’s client.

Probation In Bank Fraud Prosecution

Mr. Bonsib’s client and his client’s wife were indicted in the United States District Court in Baltimore, Maryland and alleged to have participated in a bank fraud that the government contended resulted in a 2.6 million dollar loss to an area bank. After 2 days of trial, the government backed away from its allegations – allegations that it had relied upon to seek a multi-year sentence of incarceration of Mr. Bonsib’s client. After 2 days of vigorous cross-examination of the government’s witnesses, the government offered Mr. Bonsib’s client a plea to a single count alleging a $56,000 false statement, which Mr. Bonsib’s client accepted. At the sentencing hearing, Mr. Bonsib’s client received probation.

Dismissal In St. Mary’s County Maryland Rape Prosecution

Nearly a year after an alleged rape, Mr. Bonsib’s client was charged with rape, based upon a DNA “hit.” After aggressively challenging the validity of the government’s case, including an extensive cross-examination at the preliminary hearing – the prosecution elected not to indict Mr. Bonsib’s client and to dismiss all charges against his client.

New Trial Ordered In Calvert County Rape Case

A D.C. fire fighter, after having been convicted by a Calvert County jury of second degree rape, retained Mr. Bonsib to handle his motion for a new trial and, if necessary, to represent him on appeal. After a lengthy two-hour hearing on Mr. Bonsib’s motion for new trial, a Calvert County judge agreed with Mr. Bonsib’s arguments that a number of errors had occurred during the original trial and concluded that it was in the interests of justice to grant Mr. Bonsib’s client a new trial. The new trial is pending.

Successful Re-Sentencing Hearing In Federal Tax Preparer Prosecution

After being retained to handle an appeal of a tax preparer conviction for tax fraud, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. won a reversal of the sentencing decision by the trial. His client had originally been sentenced to 78 months in jail. After convincing the appellate court that the trial court erred in its methodology for determining tax loss, which the trial court and the government had originally calculated at over 4 million dollars, the appellate court ordered a new sentencing hearing. At the re-sentencing hearing, the tax loss was reduced to approximately $550,000 and Mr. Bonsib’s client received a reduced sentence of 48 months.

Reduced Sentence In Federal Lacey Act Prosecution

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. represented a rockfish dealer and Southern Maryland waterman who had pled guilty in federal court to violations of the Federal Lacey Act, which includes federal fish and wildlife laws. While Mr. Bonsib’s client admitted that he had participated in the falsification of certain records regarding rockfish, he contended that the government had grossly exaggerated the nature and extent of his conduct. As a result, Mr. Bonsib and his client demanded that issues relating to the nature of his conduct be resolved by the United States District Court at a contested sentencing hearing. The government sought a sentence of 70 months in the Bureau of Prisons for Mr. Bonsib’s client. After a 3 day sentencing hearing, the District Court rejected the government’s excessive sentencing recommendation and, instead, imposed a sentence of only 18 months.

Success In Administrative Hearing Re Child Abuse Registry

A client of Robert C. Bonsib’s was advised that the Department of Social Services proposed to list him on the Department’s Child Abuse Registry. Mr. Bonsib appealed the proposed action. After a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, the Administrative Law Judge rejected the proposed action by the Department of Social Services to list the client as an “indicated child abuser” and directed that Department to remove from its records the client’s name as one who had been alleged to have committed child abuse and “ruled out” the Department’s proposed finding.

Jury Acquits Prince George’s County Elementary School Vice-Principal After 1 Week Jury Trial

After a one-week jury trial in the Prince George’s County Circuit Court, Robert C. Bonsib’s client was found not guilty of all charges. Mr. Bonsib’s client, a vice-principal at a local elementary school was accused of having sexually abused a student at the school. The jury, after a brief period of deliberation, returned a quick verdict of not guilty on all counts.

Post-Conviction Relief Granted – New Trial Ordered – Prince Georges County Circuit Court 7 Year Sentence Reduced To Time Served

A new trial was granted to Mr. Bonsib’s client based upon a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief that was filed alleging that Mr. Bonsib’s client received ineffective assistance of counsel from a prior attorney.  The Circuit Court agreed with Mr. Bonsib’s argument that his client was mislead regarding the sentence that he was to receive as a result of his guilty pleas to burglary and theft. After a new trial was ordered, Mr. Bonsib was able to negotiate a time served disposition for his client. His client who, prior to Mr. Bonsib taking over representation, had been sentenced to 7 years in the Maryland Department of Corrections and had served 1 year of that sentence, was given a time served sentence, thus ending the prosecution and reducing the client’s sentence from 7 years to 1 year time served.

Not Guilty Verdict In Calvert County District Court Prosecution For Violation Of Sex Offender Registry

After a half-day trial in the Calvert County District Court, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. won an acquittal for his client, an person required to register under the sex offender registry statute, on both charges which alleged that he violated the restrictions imposed on one who is required to register pursuant to the Maryland Sexual Offender Registry statute.

Not Guilty Verdict In Stalking, Harassment, Impersonation And Assault Prosecution – (Montgomery County District Court)

Robert C. Bonsib represented a young man accused of assaulting a woman after she left a Gaithersburg bar after impersonating a police officer. He was also charged with stalking her with respect to an incident alleged to have occurred two days after the initial incident. After a day-long trial in the Montgomery County District Court, Mr. Bonsib’s client was found not guilty of each of the charges of stalking, harassment, impersonating a police officer and assault.

United States Court Of Appeals Remands For Re-Sentencing In Tax Fraud Case

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. won a re-sentencing hearing in a tax fraud matter which Mr. Bonsib handled on appeal. The Court of Appeals agreed with Mr. Bonsib’s argument that the United States District Court erred in determining that his client was responsible for more than a 4 million dollar tax loss to the government. The re-sentencing hearing is pending.

1 Year House Arrest In Vehicular Homicide Case (Prince George’s County Circuit Court)

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. was able to successful negotiate a sentence of 1 year house arrest for his client who was accused of being intoxicated when his vehicle collided with another vehicle resulting in the death of one individual and injuries to another. Mr. Bonsib’s client pled guilty to homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated, but will not have to serve any time in jail. This case is an example of the importance of careful evaluation of the evidence in each case. In certain prosecutions, where the evidence is strong, the most important role for a criminal defense attorney is to seek as lenient and fair a sentence as possible for an accused person.

Misdemeanor Plea In Federal Immigration/Harboring Prosecution

Mr. Bonsib’s client had been indicted for harboring an alien and for related federal felony immigration violations. Initially faced with the government demanding at least 24 months of imprisonment, Mr. Bonsib was ultimately able to negotiate a misdemeanor plea and a sentence of probation that limited the client’s punishment to a period of probation and 90 days of house arrest with work release.

Not Guilty Verdict After 3 1/2 Week Trial In 5.5 Million Theft And Securities Trial (Montgomery County Circuit Court)

After a three and a half week trial in the Montgomery County Circuit Court, Robert C. Bonsib’s client was found not guilty of all nine counts against him. Mr. Bonsib’s client had been accused of participating with others in a securities fraud and theft scheme in which investors were told that they were investigating in a salvageable goods business that, in fact, was non-existent. Investors ultimately lost approximately 5.5 million dollars. Mr. Bonsib’s client was charged with theft, conspiracy, securities fraud and identity theft. Mr. Bonsib presented evidence and successfully argued that his client, like many others, was a victim of the scheme and not a co-conspirator in the charged fraudulent scheme.

Not Guilty Verdict – 1st Degree Assault (Calvert County Circuit Court)

In the Calvert County Circuit Court, Robert C. Bonsib’s client was acquitted of 1st degree assault and theft. Mr. Bonsib’s client had been accused of theft from a Calvert County retail business and of driving her vehicle at a store employee as she sought to leave the parking lot of the business.

Dismissal Of Attempted Rape / Sexual Offense Indictment (Montgomery County Circuit Court)

Mr. Bonsib’s client obtained a dismissal of an indictment in which Mr. Bonsib’s client had been indicted for attempted rape and for a third degree sexual offense. Earlier in the proceedings, Mr. Bonsib was successful in convincing the Court that his client’s video taped statement to investigators was unlawfully obtained and was the product of unlawful promises and inducements. The Court agreed and ruled that the statement would not be able to be used by the prosecution during the trial. The statement would have been a critical piece of evidence for the prosecution. Shortly before the scheduled October jury trial, the prosecution notified Mr. Bonsib that it would be dismissing the indictment against his client.

Not Guilty Verdict In Misdemeanor Drug Case (Howard County District Court)

As noted above, Mr. Bonsib has successfully defended complex financial crime cases, but he is equally comfortable with and active in representing individuals who find themselves charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses and traffic offenses in the District Courts of Maryland and the federal Magistrate’s courts. As an example, Mr. Bonsib represented a woman charged in the Howard County District Court with possessing marihuana in her home. The marihuana was seized during the execution of a search at the woman’s home. A number of other individuals were also present in the home at the time of the execution of the search warrant. Mr. Bonsib successfully argued that the evidence was insufficient to establish that the marihuana that was found at the residence was in the actual or constructive possession of his client and she was found not guilty.

40 Minute Not Guilty Verdict In Rape Case (Prince George’s County Circuit Court)

After a 3 day jury trial in Prince George’s County and after only 40 minutes of deliberation, Robert C. Bonsib won not guilty verdicts for his client who was charged with second degree rape and second degree assault. The prosecution alleged that a woman was sexually assaulted while unconscious after an evening of drinking. Mr. Bonsib’s client flatly denied the woman’s allegations. The jury concluded that the prosecution’s allegations were not proven.

Government Fails – Mistrial In High Profile Public Corruption Prosecution (United States District Court – District Of Maryland)

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland described its prosecution of the former chief executive officer of the Prince George’s County Public Schools as one of its most important prosecutions. Despite offering video taped evidence allegedly showing Mr. Bonsib’s client engaged in criminal conduct, Mr. Bonsib was successful in derailing the government’s prosecution. Despite four weeks of government evidence, the jury was not able to reach a unanimous verdict on any of the 16 counts which charged mail and wire fraud and obstruction of justice. A mistrial was declared after 7 days of deliberations and over 55 hours of deliberations. After the mistrial was declared, Mr. Bonsib’s client declared to a local report “God sent me Bob Bonsib.”

Prince George’s County District Court Not Guilty Verdicts

While Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. handles complex matters in the federal and state courts, he also regularly appears in the Maryland District Court and United States Magistrate Courts handling misdemeanor cases such as DUI, theft, drug possession, domestic violence and weapons violations. Mr. Bonsib was successful in two District Court trials in winning acquittals for his clients. In one matter, a client was charged with stealing merchandise from a local retail business. In the other matter, a client, a college student, was accused of disorderly conduct and failing to obey the orders of a police officer after the client left a college town bar at closing time and became involved in a verbal altercation with a police officer.

Dismissal In Federal Immigration Fraud Prosecution (United States District Court – District Of Maryland)

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. was successful in convincing local prosecutors to dismiss all charges against his client, who had been indicted last year in a multi-defendant case, for engaging in what the government contented was an conspiracy to defraud the immigration authorities by submitting fraudulent labor cert applications that, if approved, would permit non-U.S. citizens to enter and work in the United States. After a number of meetings with the government, Mr. Bonsib was able to convince the government, shortly before the scheduled trial date, that the indictment against his client should be dismissed.

Dismissal In Federal Tax Prosecution (United States District Court – District of Maryland)

The United States Attorney’s Office dismissed all charges against Mr. Bonsib’s client who had been indicted for federal income tax violations. Throughout the course of the investigation and prosecution of this matter, Mr. Bonsib aggressively asserted the position of innocence maintained by his client and made it clear to the government that his client would fight the allegations, through trial if necessary. While others in the case pled guilty, the indictment against Mr. Bonsib’s client was dismissed shortly before the scheduled trial date.

Not Guilty Verdict After 3-Month Federal Conspiracy, Mail Fraud And False Statement Trial

(United States District Court – District of Columbia)


(Photo from Metro edition of Washington Post of Mr. Bonsib and his client leaving federal court in Washington, D.C. after his client’s acquittal)

After a three-month trial in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Mr. Bonsib’s client was acquitted of all charges. Mr Bonsib’s client had been indicted for conspiracy, mail fraud and a series of false statement charges arising out of a prosecution of a number of officials of the Washington Teachers’ Union for the embezzlement of approximately five million dollars of union members’ funds.

This highly publicized federal white collar prosecution resulted in the conviction, in the same trial, of two union officials. Others pled guilty before the trial. Mr. Bonsib’s client, an accountant and tax preparer, who was accused of preparing false financial statements, was the only defendant not convicted in this series of prosecutions.

Not Guilty Verdict In Rape Prosecution (Prince George’s County Circuit Court)

A Prince George’s County jury returned a not guilty verdict after 80 minutes of deliberation in a case where Mr. Bonsib’s client, a former municipal police officer, had been charged with misconduct in office and with second degree rape based upon an allegation that he raped a woman with whom he had contact while on-duty. The misconduct in office charged was dismissed by the trial court in the middle of the trial and the jury returned a not guilty verdict at the conclusion of the entire case.

Dismissal In Child Abuse Prosecution (Prince George’s County Circuit Court)

In Prince George’s County Circuit Court the prosecution was forced to dismiss a child abuse indictment filed against Mr. Bonsib’s client when the Court denied the prosecution’s request for a further postponement of the trial date. Mr. Bonsib’s client had been accused of improper sexual contact with his niece. Mr. Bonsib had prepared an alibi defense based upon witness testimony and through the reconstruction of his client’s activities on the evening of the alleged incident. The reconstruction, through a time line supported by telephone records, payroll records, credit card and other receipts conclusively demonstrated that his client was at least 15 miles away from the scene of the alleged event on the date and at the time that his client was accused of committing the crime.

Not Guilty Verdict In Reckless Endangerment Prosecution

A Prince George’s County jury returned a not guilty verdict after just 45 minutes of deliberation in a case where Robert C. Bonsib’s client had been charged with leaving a firearm and ammunition in a location where a minor child could readily obtain the firearm and ammunition. The minor child was fatally wounded when the firearm discharged. Mr. Bonsib’s argued successfully to the jury that the death was an accident and that his client had done all that was reasonably appropriate under the circumstances to keep the firearm out of the hands of the minor.

Successful Sentencing In Federal Cocaine Conspiracy Case (United States District Court for the District of Maryland)

In many cases, success is measured by the nature of the punishment received by the client. In cases where the evidence is compelling, the responsibility of a criminal defense attorney is to seek the most favorable sentence for an accused.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. convinced the United States District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland to impose a sentence of 12 months home detention in a cocaine conspiracy case where the government had argued for a 10 year sentence. Mr. Bonsib’ s client had pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and unlawful possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.

At a lengthy sentencing hearing, Mr. Bonsib initially convinced the trial court that his client was eligible for treatment under the “safety valve” provisions of the federal sentencing laws and federal sentencing Guidelines and that his client should not receive an upward adjustment of his Guidelines as a result of the presence of three handguns in his residence. The ruling that Mr. Bonsib’s client was eligible for the “safety valve” meant that the court was not bound by the 10 year mandatory sentence and that his client’s Guidelines sentencing range was reduced to 78-97 months.

In the second phase of the sentencing hearing, through the use of video presentations illustrating the compelling need of the client’s disabled daughter for his presence and through the use of many testimonials, both in written and oral form, Mr. Bonsib then convinced the trial court to depart downward from the Guidelines range of 78-97 months to a sentence of 12 months of house arrest.

Not Guilty Verdict In D.C. Vehicular Manslaughter Prosecution

After a week-long trial in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia, Mr. Bonsib was successful in convincing a Superior Court jury to return verdicts of not guilty as to the charges of vehicular manslaughter and negligent homicide. Mr. Bonsib’s client was charged with fatally striking a pedestrian who was walking across the street in the middle of the block in the evening hours. The government alleged that Mr. Bonsib’s client was speeding and under the influence of alcohol. Mr. Bonsib persuaded the jury that any evidence of speed and any evidence relating to the consumption of alcohol did not substantially contribute to the causing of the accident and, further argued that it was the conduct of the pedestrian that caused the fatal accident.

Hung Jury In Excessive Force Prosecution

After a week-long trial in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, the prosecution was unsuccessful in attempting to persuade a jury that Mr. Bonsib’s client, a police officer with an area municipal police department, used excessive force during the detention of an individual. After two days of deliberations a mistrial was declared when the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict.  The case was ultimately dismissed.

Dismissal In Charles County Federal Arson Case

Over 40 homes were burned in Charles County, Maryland in the largest case of arson in Maryland’s history. Six individuals were charged with arson after an extensive federal and state investigation. Mr. Bonsib represented one of the six defendants. After an expedited and careful investigation, Mr. Bonsib and his investigator were able to reconstruct the activities of his client during the even before and on the morning of the arsons and convince federal prosecutors that his client was not involved in the arsons, despite his having been implicated in the arsons by two of the other individuals charged in the case. Each of the other five defendants either pled guilty or were convicted after trial. by using cellular telephone tower records and other records and receipts, Mr. Bonsib was able to track the location of his client during the evening of the arsons and demonstrate that his client was in Rockville and at other locations in Maryland at the time when others involved in the arsons were allegedly setting over forty homes on fire. Mr. Bonsib’s client was the only one of the original six defendants who was not convicted and sentenced to imprisonment.

Dismissal In DNA “Cold Hit” Rape Prosecution

Mr. Bonsib successfully convicted a judge in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County to deny the prosecution’s request for a postponement in a rape case. Mr. Bonsib’s client was identified, according to the prosecution, by comparison of his DNA taken while he was incarcerated on an unrelated matter to DNA in an data base that contained the DNA obtained during the investigation of the 1992 incident. Through the filing of various pre-trial motions, Mr. Bonsib won a ruling from the trial judge that the prosecution failed to properly and timely provide to the defense the materials and information regarding the DNA testing and results and that, therefore, the prosecution would not be permitted to use the DNA results unless the trial date was continued to a later date. Only by a delay of the trial would the defense have been afforded an adequate opportunity to analyze the DNA testing process. Because the case had been pending for a lengthy period of time and because of the adverse employment and other consequences suffered by his client during that period, Mr. Bonsib was then able to convince the court that the prosecution’s request for a further delay in the case was not supported by good cause. When the postponement request was denied, it also had the result of preventing the prosecution from using the DNA evidence. When those two events occurred, the prosecution had insufficient evidence to proceed to trial and had to dismiss the indictment.

Home Detention In Automobile Manslaughter Case

Mr. Bonsib secured a sentence of home detention for his client who had pled guilty to automobile manslaughter. Mr. Bonsib’s client had been indicted for manslaughter by automobile and driving under the influence of alcohol. His client was accused of operating a motor vehicle at a high rate of speed, failing to negotiate a curve and running off the road, striking a tree with the result that one passenger in his vehicle died and the other was seriously injured and remained in the hospital for a number of weeks. Mr. Bonsib’s client had a blood alcohol level of .16.

In addition to convincing the trial court to permit Mr. Bonsib’s client to serve his sentence on home detention, Mr. Bonsib was also successful at hearing before the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration in convincing an administrative law judge to reject a recommendation by the Medical Advisory Board that his client’s driving privileges should be suspended. Mr. Bonsib’s client was permitted to retain his driving privileges.

Reversal Of Attorney’s Obstruction Of Justice Conviction

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. successfully argued before the Maryland Court of Appeals that the conviction of a local prominent criminal defense attorney for obstruction of justice should be reversed because of a denial of the attorney’s constitutional right to a speedy trial. The Court of Special Appeals issued an opinion agreeing that the attorney’s speedy trial rights had been violated and directed that the conviction be reversed.

Probationary Sentence In Federal Firearms Case

At a sentencing hearing in a case where his client had pled guilty to unlawful possession of a sawed-off shotgun, Mr. Bonsib convinced a federal judge to impose a below Guidelines sentence. Mr. Bonsib’s client. formerly a police officer with an area police department, had faced a recommended sentence of 3 years under the federal sentencing Guidelines. Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding his client’s involvement in this offense, Mr. Bonsib persuaded the federal judge to grant his client a downward departure from the Guidelines range for “aberrant conduct” and to grant his client a probationary sentence.

$127,000 Defamation Verdict Affirmed By Maryland Court Of Special Appeals

Although Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. handles primarily criminal matters, on this occasion Mr. Bonsib handled a defamation matter for a client who had been wrongfully accused of being convicted of theft while a teenager. As a result of the allegation, his employer fired him. After Mr. Bonsib successfully convinced a Montgomery County, Maryland to award his client $127,000 for lost wages and mental anguish, he then persuaded the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to affirm the judgment in a reported opinion. See Montgomery Investigative Services, Ltd. v. Horne, 173 Md. 193, 918 A.2d 526 (2007).

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