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Referring to Maryland criminal lawyer Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. in his successful defense of an FBI agent charged in federal court with criminal conspiracy to violate civil rights and to the lawyers for co-defendants, the Washington Post reported "jurors were clearly impressed with the criminal defense attorneys" commenting that "they were really sharp" and "you could tell they have been around for a long time."

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Maryland Circuit Court Judge in homicide trial — "This was the finest advocacy that I have seen in many years."

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Washington Post columnist after observing Mr. Bonsib's successful defense of young man in vehicular homicide trial — "If you ever get in trouble, Bonsib's the lawyer you want, not because he's slick...because he's smart and knows the law and even with a client such as [this young man] Bonsib fights just as tenaciously as if the kid were a big shot."

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"God sent me Bob Bonsib. There's no doubt about it." — Public official client speaking to the press after hung jury declared in three-week public corruption trial in federal court.

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Channel 8 News reporter commenting after trial of elected official — "Bruce Marcus and Bob Bonsib are two of the giants of the Maryland Bar. If I am ever in trouble, I am calling Bruce Marcus and Bob Bonsib. They are brilliant."

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Federal Court Client — "Mr. Bonsib fought very hard for us. His representation exceeded my expectations. There is no word to describe my gratitude. My children have a bright future because of him. I'm free today, reunited with my children, because of him"

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"Thanks to Mr. Bonsib's superior knowledge and skills, he was able to explain my case to the judge and make it simple for the judge to see my innocence. I was found not guilty on all charges and was able to start putting my life back together." — Circuit Court client

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" I love this guy. He's special. He's not going to tell you what you want to hear, and he is not going to guarantee you anything other than his BEST effort, which makes him better than the rest in character. He's a winner!" — Former client

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