Firearms And Weapons Offenses In Maryland And The District Of Columbia

Maryland criminal defense attorney Robert C. Bonsib has extensive experience in representing individuals under investigation for weapons charges, including possession of handguns, automatic weapons, machine guns, explosive devices, as well as individuals under investigation for allegedly trafficking in firearms.

Whether your case begins or ends up in the state or federal courts, or whether it is being investigated by federal or state law enforcement officials, Robert C. Bonsib offers representation by a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling all types of firearms and weapons offenses whether prosecuted in the state or federal courts. He has tried many cases involving firearm and weapon offenses before judges and juries in the federal and state courts in the Maryland-District of Columbia metropolitan area.

Weapons Offenses Often Charged In Federal Court

Many weapons offenses, particularly where the weapon was allegedly used in a drug crime or crime of violence, can result in serious penalties. Individuals with a criminal record who allegedly possessed a weapon can face severe mandatory minimum sentences. Legislators, responding to community cries for punishment, continue to increase these mandatory minimums.

Local prosecutors are filing misdemeanor gun cases in the Maryland Circuit Courts, which were traditionally prosecuted in the Maryland District Courts. Prosecutors are asking judges to incarcerate persons convicted of weapons offenses even when the person has no criminal record and where mandatory minimum statutes do not apply.

Coordination and the exchange of information between federal and state prosecuting authorities regarding individuals charged with possession of firearms are now a common occurrence. Federal authorities are targeting repeat offenders or individuals with prior records and having those cases, even where the case may have been originally charged in state courts, brought into federal court for prosecution. When that occurs, a misdemeanor state gun charge may end up being charged in federal court under federal statutes that make the possession of the weapon a felony with the potential for a substantially more severe punishment if the accused is convicted.

Obtain Experienced Legal Help

If you are accused of committing a weapon or firearms offense, obtain experienced legal help by a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in both federal and state courts. It is possible that a state initiated prosecution may be transferred to the federal courts, and it is critical to be represented by an attorney who is experienced and familiar with both state and federal courts and state and federal prosecutors.

If you are under investigation or were charged with committing a firearms offense, Robert C. Bonsib has the experience and legal skills to provide you effective legal representation. Call 301-441-3000 or contact his Maryland law office by email to schedule a consultation.