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A Washingtonian Magazine “Top Criminal Lawyer”, Best Criminal Lawyer in 2014 from “Best Lawyers in American," recognized in Superlawyers in Maryland and the District of Columbia as a top criminal attorney and one of the best attorneys in the region


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Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has over 40 years of experience in handling all types of criminal matters from those in the misdemeanor and felony courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia to the most complex of federal financial and white-collar investigations and trials. He is experienced in trial and appellate as well as post-conviction matters. Whether you are seeking representation to defend against a DUI, assault, or drug possession or other misdemeanor charge, or more serious allegations involving, homicide, serious sex, narcotics or violent offenses, whether you need assistance in responding to a federal grand investigation or whether you need an aggressive and battle-tested trial or appellate lawyer, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has the experience and reputation to assist you. For an overview of the types of legal matters Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has handled and for an overview of his many awards and recognitions, please go to the "Cases and News" section of this website or click here (Cases, News and Articles)

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has repeatedly been recognized as one the best Maryland criminal lawyers and a top criminal defense attorney. Washingtonian Magazine, SuperLawyers (Maryland and D.C. Editions) and "Best Lawyers in America" have consistently included him in their peer ranked selections as one of the best Maryland criminal lawyers in both white-collar and non-white collar criminal defense.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. is a 1971 graduate of Indiana University and a 1974 graduate of the Columbus School of Law of the Catholic University of America. He was admitted to the bar of Maryland in 1974. He is also currently a member of the bars of the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Courts of Appeals for the District of Columbia and the Fourth Circuit, the United States District Courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia and of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

After being admitted to the bar, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. spent ten years as an Assistant States Attorney for Prince Georges' County. He was promoted to the position of Chief of the Felony Trials Division, a position in which he supervised the prosecutors who were responsible for handling the most serious cases in the State's Attorneys Office. In 1983 he accepted a position as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. As an Assistant United States Attorney he handled federal criminal matters at both the trial and appellate level. In 1987, then newly elected State's Attorney Alexander Williams, Jr. (now United States District Judge Alexander Williams, Jr.), in one of his first hiring decision, asked Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. to accept the position of Deputy States Attorneys for Operations in the Prince George's County State's Attorneys Office. Mr. Bonsib accepted the position, the second highest position in the States Attorney's Office, and for three years he was responsible for supervising over fifty prosecutors as well as the investigative staff of the Prince George's County State's Attorneys Office.

In 1990 Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. joined Bruce L. Marcus, Esq. and formed the law firm of Marcus & Bonsib (now MarcusBonsib, LLC). Since that time, Mr. Bonsib has devoted his practice to the defense of federal and local criminal matters. On any given day, Mr. Bonsib may be in federal court arguing a complex pre-trial motion or in the local courts representing a client charged with DUI. Unlike some attorneys who limit their practice to a particular type of case, such as DUI, or who only practice in either the local or federal courts, for over thirty five years Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has been representing individuals and organizations in both federal and local trial and appellate courts. In addition to appearing in the federal and trial courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia, he has also represented clients in the federal courts in Virgina, Georgia and Minnesota (in association with local attorneys licensed to practice in each of those jurisdictions). Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. is equally experienced and comfortable appearing in any trial or appellate, local or federal court in this area.

In addition to handling a wide variety of criminal matters, some of which are reviewed in the Cases and News section of this website, Mr. Bonsib is active in a variety of court and bar association committees and activities. He has repeatedly been asked by the United States District Court of Maryland to participate in selection committees for applicants for the position of United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Maryland. He was appointed by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to serve on the selection committee for the position of Federal Public Defender for Maryland. He is in his fifth 4-year term as a member of the Trial Courts Nominating Commission for Prince George's County, a commission that reviews all applicants for positions on the District and Circuit Courts for Prince George's County. Applicants for these judicial position must first be found by the Commission to be fully and professionally qualified for a judicial position before the applicant's name is forwarded to the Governor of Maryland for his consideration of applicant as a judicial nominee.

In 2009 Mr. Bonsib was awarded the Thomas C. Heeney Memorial Award by the Criminal Law Section Council of the Maryland State Bar Association in recognition of a distinguished career in the field of criminal law.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. is past Chair of the Criminal Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and a past Chair of the Criminal Law Committee of the Prince George's County Bar Association. He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a member of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney's Association and a member of the Maryland State Bar Association and the Prince George's County Bar Association.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has written extensively on criminal law topics for the newsletters of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association and for the Prince George's County Bar Association. He has lectured and participated as an instructor at continuing legal education programs for prosecutors, law enforcement agencies as well as for criminal defense lawyers. In 2011, for the fourth time he was invited to present , together with a Maryland Circuit Court judge and elected States Attorney, a training program on issues in the handling of a criminal trial for the Maryland Judicial Institute. He was the only member of the private bar invited to participate in this training program attended by over forty Maryland Circuit and District Court judges. The Maryland Judicial Institute is the official training agency for the Maryland judiciary.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has been recognized as an expert witness in the investigation and defense of criminal matters. He was accepted as an expert in such matters by the Circuit Court for Prince George's County and has twice testified as expert in a post-conviction proceedings. In one of those proceedings, an individual sought to have his two first-degree murder convictions vacated and a new trial ordered. Based, in part, on the testimony and opinion of Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. regarding the deficiencies in the representation of the accused's original trial lawyer, a new trial was ordered.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has served for over 15 years on the Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions Committee. This committee, chaired by a judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, drafts the standard criminal jury instructions used by judges throughout Maryland as the principal guide for instructing juries as to the law to be applied in criminal cases.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has been an instructor for the Maryland Professionalism Course, a mandatory course for all new admittees to the Maryland bar. This course instructs new lawyers as to the importance of professionalism and civility in the practice of law.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has been recognized by the Washingtonian Magazine on each of the last seven editions when it has published its Top Lawyers editions (2002, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015) as one of the region's top criminal lawyers. He has been repeated ranked by "THE BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA" as one of the best criminal lawyers in both white collar and non-white collar criminal defense and in 2014 was named as its Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year. He is listed in "WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA." He has been the recipient of the John Adams award for service to the CJA program of the United States District Court for Maryland and has twice received the President's Award for service to the Prince George's County Bar Association. Superlawyers has listed him in its top 50 lawyers in Maryland and in Washington, D.C. in the field of criminal defense. Robert C. Bonsib is also acknowledged as a Top 100 Lawyer by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

From 1990 to 1995, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. served as legal counsel to the Citizen Complaint Oversight Panel. This Committee was charged with the responsibility of overseeing investigations into allegations of police misconduct and with reporting on whether such investigations were conducted in a thorough, fair and impartial manner.

Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. was a member of the American Bar Association's Search Warrant Project. This Project published a manual to guide judges in the issuance of search warrants.

Mr. Bonsib is regularly consulted by members of the local media for comments regarding current issues pertaining to criminal law or significant criminal cases.

Over his three decades of criminal trial experience, Robert C. Bonsib, Esq. has tried hundreds of jury trials and argued dozens of appeals in the local and federal courts. For an experienced criminal lawyer and for a criminal defense attorney who has the ability to provide assistance in federal and local criminal matters, contact Robert C. Bonsib, Esq.